Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5 Worst things you can do for Your Biceps


A couple of weeks ago there were a couple of articles on improving your biceps.
In those articles we talked about things you should do. But I want to reiterate several things you should not do.

1.     Using momentum
Swinging the weight. This should be obvious. So why do you continue to do it? Stop it!
Put your back against the wall, a 90 degree bench back or any other immovable object. And don’t bend forward at the waist to get the weight started.

2.     Letting the weight Drop on the Eccentric (Negative) Part of the lift
If you simply let gravity do all the work in lowering the bar you are missing more than half of the benefit. Lower the weight slowly with at least a 2 or 3 count.

3.     Leaning Back
Putting you back against a wall but having your feet away from the wall so you can lean back is still cheating. Keep your back and your heels against the wall. Don’t bow your back or lean forward.

4.     Using the Forearm Muscles to Start the Lift
We talked about one way to prevent this by using a seated curl. But you can’t always do seated curls. So here’s another option; Keeping the wrist in line with the forearm, or even better, begin the lift with the wrists bent slightly backwards will allow the bicep to do more of the work in initiating the lift.

5.     Lifting the Elbows and/or shoulders
This one isn’t quite so obvious. Most people are under the impression (or have even been taught) that continuing the weight as far back as possible on a curl increases the tension on the bicep. Just the opposite usually happens. When you lift your elbows or shoulders you take the tension off the bicep and shift it to the deltoids. If you move your elbows forward you make matters even worse. Squeeze the bicep at the top but keep your elbows firmly pinned to your side.

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