Mission Statement

An overweight population and obesity are the biggest health issues of our day. Do you think the marketing gurus and scam artists don't know this too? The majority of the information out there is "creative" marketing and scams.
We hope to dispel the many myths, old wife’s tales and “Bro-science” and just plain misinformation related to fitness training and to provide balanced information. There are different opinions even among professionals and scientist. Where disagreement exists we hope to provide a balance of differing opinions to allow individuals to reach an informed opinion of their own. There will be some guest posts from various sources and I will, at times, offer my own opinion.
As always, ask your health professional if you are healthy enough to engage in any fitness protocol.
Bear in mind that “fitness has many moving parts, making it difficult to thoroughly discuss many topics in great detail in a short post. Address questions, request for clarification and comments to; alphaedgefitness@gmail.com

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