Monday, February 6, 2017

Have you Abandoned Your New Years Resolutions Yet?


By the end of February, most New Year’s fitness resolutions are abandoned.
Gold’s Gym analyzed check-in data among its more than three million members over the past four years. Researchers found that gym attendance among new members begins dwindling 41 days after the New Year (Feb. 10), with most new gym-goers falling off what they call the “fitness cliff” by Feb. 24.(55 DAYS)
Do you know how long it takes the average person to form a new habit? (Good or bad). 66 days. That means that if all those drop outs just had the intestinal fortitude to work at their resolution for only 11 more days many would form a new habit and would probably stick with their resolution to improve their health.
Quitting on a goal is sad enough. If you going to quit within days of being successful why did you bother to start in the first place?
Don’t be a quitter. You can do this!
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