Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stop Using These Two Words ......

Stop Using These Two Words ......

I read and article the other day by Negar Fonooni, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong that started me thinking about how a seemingly small thing in my experience might make a big difference to other people.

The two words you need to cut out your vocabulary are "Used To". 

We've all used those two words. "I used to be faster, or stronger or thinner or whatever.....". In my case the phrase was "I used to deadlift over 500 pounds and I used to squat over 500 pounds-both twice my body weight". And when I started back in the gym about 4 years ago that was my goal.

But I was 50 years old when I set those PR's and I was carrying 20-25 pounds more muscle mass at the time at 228 pounds with roughly the same BMI as now.

I'm now 67 years old. I've had several injuries in the last 17 years including two surgeries. My joints and connective tissue are 17 years older. And frankly, I can't consistently eat nearly as much as I could then without accumulating an unacceptable level of body fat.

That's not to say that I can't still get stronger and more fit. I have. But I'm not going reach that size and pure strength again.  

This is who I am now at 67. Not who I "used to" be.

I'm not telling you not to set goals and push like hell to achieve them. When you reach one goal set another, higher one. Take it one step at a time. But sometimes setting a goal too high in the beginning with an unrealistic time line only serves to discourage you. Too many people get discouraged and quit when they try to go too high too fast.

"Used to" seems as if your younger, stronger self is in competition with your present self. And that's a competition you probably can't win.

Focus on who you are now-not who you "used to" be.

It's important that you read I'm Too Old to Get in Shape

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