Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Best Piece of Equipment in the Gym

Re-post of one of the most popular articles of the year

If there were one piece of equipment in your gym that you could use for hypertrophy, strength, stamina and speed, was safe, easy to use and often sitting idle (no lines, no waiting) would you use it?

Well there is. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have one in your gym. (But if you don’t, some are relatively inexpensive for home use) CHECK HERE and HERE.
 And there are numerous web sites with detailed plans to build your own.

They may be called a fitness sled, prowler, power sled or push-pull sled.

The first few times you use one you’ll be thinking “How did I let myself get in such bad shape”.  But after a week or two you’ll begin to think you can do almost anything. You’re a superhero again. Invincible-"If the prowler can’t kill me, nothing can". The first couple of workouts it will suck the life out of you. But you’ll quickly improve.   Jim Wendler

You can use them on almost any surface. (If used indoors a lot of gyms have artificial grass)

If you have bad knees (like me) and can no longer run, the Prowler is perfect. Walking with the Prowler is a better workout than running.

How to use it

You can safely use as much weight or as little as you need. Just stack the plates on the poles on the sled.

You can push it (high push or low push) or attach a rope or a harness and pull it.
You can push it in one direction and pull it back in the other.

It works you legs, your back and your core when pushing and everything else when pulling.

“The course” is commonly 40 yards in most gyms but many are much longer outdoors but you can choose the distance that suits you.

Simple, safe, easy to use, adaptable and works great for any fitness goal. What more could you ask for?

Sample DIY:


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