Wednesday, November 23, 2016

7 Things You Can Learn from the Pro's

7 Things You Can Learn from the Pro's

You probably have little or no interest in becoming a competitor in bodybuilding or power lifting or figure competition. And you’ve heard many times from me that you shouldn’t try to copy the programs or nutrition plans of the pros. And I stick by that.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can learn from competitors.

No posing suit required.

Be Competitive…..with yourself. No one else matters. Your goal is to be better tomorrow than you were today. One more pound lifted, one more rep, one more set.

You’ll make mistakes. Learn from them. Find what went wrong and fix it. And don’t let it happen again.

Don’t eat or workout based on your emotions. Progress or a good workout is much more satisfying than a pint of ice cream or watching a “Walking Dead” marathon when faced with stress.

Be all business. In the gym, put on your “don’t talk to me face”, avoid eye contact and get the job done.

Competitors avoid:
·        Getting too hungry
·        Getting too tempted
·        Eating for emotional relief
·        Having nothing healthy around to eat
·        Rationalizing junk food or skipping workouts
·        Going to the gym without a plan
·        Grocery shopping without a plan

Have a Long Term Plan. Don’t even try to do everything at once with a goal centered on next week or next month. Conservative weight loss or muscle gain adds up over time. Starving, fad diets, diet pills and gym marathons do not work.

Build Muscle and Protect it. Regardless of your goals never sacrifice muscle. Why? Muscle is pretty and metabolically expensive. (It burns more calories). Lose muscle and you’ll only end up being “Skinny-Fat”-meaning you look smaller but you’ll still be fat.
Weight train to build muscle, not to lose fat. As you build muscle the fat will take care of itself if your nutrition is on point.

Love the Process. Screw the Scale. Celebrate small improvements and trust that the right behaviors will yield the results you want. Read Throw Away Your Scales

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