Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Scale


No many how many times I say it or write about it (along with every other trainer or coach) you still do it. Admit it, you still step on the scales every day when you’re trying to lose weight. Its human nature I guess. But being part of human nature doesn’t make it good for your weight loss plans.

Stepping on the scales is probably the number one reason that people get discouraged and give up on their fitness goals. Even though Throw Away Your Scales is the most read article on this site over the last two years. Use the link above to read it again.

If you insist on continuing to step on the scales every day, even though you know you shouldn’t, at least check out a new app called Happy Scale.

You report your weight daily if you like but it plots it on a long term curve that allows you to see the big picture. It works on both iPhone and iPad in nine languages and only costs $4.99 (deluxe edition) in iTunes. It has a five- star rating on over 3,000 reviews. I understand Happy Scale is being developed for other platforms.
This is an unpaid endorsement

Happy Scale graph

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