Thursday, August 18, 2016

Your New Fitness Program Started with a Bang. Then What Happened?

Then what happened?

You’re new to fitness but you finally made the commitment and started off gangbusters. The first 3 weeks you added 3 pounds of muscle and added 10% to all your lifts. Or you lost an easy 5-10 pounds of fat.

Now you’re amped up. “Hey, that wasn’t so hard. I should be able to meet my goals in half the time my trainer told me.”

Then, the next 3 weeks-nothing. You step on the scales every single day. You pick the scales up and shake them. You jump up and down on them. Still they won’t move.

“My trainer is a jerk. He lied to me.” Motivation goes down. Focus goes down. And a lot of people quit. Usually they quit or start looking for some new miracle program just before the gains start again.

Nature is what happened. The same Adaptive Response mechanism that enables you to build muscle or increase strength works in reverse too. Eat fewer calories than you burn and the body adapts to slow your metabolism to meet the caloric intake. 

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The thing to keep in mind is that all physical improvements come in spurts. None of these improvements are linear. You’ll have a spurt of gains or (weight loss) then little or no progress at all, then suddenly, another spurt.

When progress stalls, just keep working. Give it a chance.

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