Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Let’s get one thing straight right away. I’m an Auburn fan. But also understand this; When Coach Nick Saban speaks, you should listen.

Read the quote above. Then read it again. Whether you’re coaching or playing college football or just trying to get fit for yourself and your family, it’s a process.

You’re not involved in a short term process. Anyone who tells you it is is a liar, a huckster, or a scam artist out to take your money.

It simply will not happen overnight or in a month or in 6 months. I know people who quit after 3 months of training because it was taking too long. Then they blame it on their coach or their trainer or anyone else they can find to blame it on. Maybe someone misled them. I hope not.

But if they were not misled, the fact is, they just quit.

Here are the facts:

·        If you are trying to lose weight about 1-2 pounds a week should be your goal on average. Any more than that and your odds of keeping it off drop substantially.

·        If you’re trying to gain muscle mass a lot depends on your training age (how long you’ve been training).
1 year or less- probably no more than 2 pounds per month
2 years- about 1 pound per month
3 years +-about 0.5 pounds per month

You have to learn to enjoy, if not love the process. Don’t be the little kids asking “are we there yet?” as soon as you pull out the driveway. You get there “1 mile-marker at a time”

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