Wednesday, August 3, 2016



Most people know the obvious time wasters; chatting with your buddies (or the new girl), rest periods 5x longer than necessary, searching for just the right song on your Ipod, checking your emails or text messages, 37 trips to the water fountain or just goofing off in general.

But you may be wasting valuable time without even realizing it.

 If your chest workout looks like this:

1.     3 sets of Flat bench press
2.     3 sets of flat dumbbell press
3.     3 sets of Smith machine bench press
4.     3 sets of machine flat press

Do you see the problem?
They are all pretty much the same thing!

You’re working the same muscle groups using almost the same angles and same patterns. And half of the sets are inferior exercises.

Do this instead:

1.     3 sets Bench Press (Flat, incline or decline)
2.     3 sets Dumbbell Press (Flat, incline or decline-but not the same as #1)
3.     3 sets Cable or Dumbbell Flye (Flat, incline or decline)
4.     Feet elevated push up

In simple terms, change the exercise or the angle or the grip on every exercise. If you work each body part twice a week (or more) pick 4 more variations for the second workout.

Go through your entire program with the same goal in mind; eliminate the less effective exercises and change the angles or grips on every one you keep.

If you need help deciding on the most effective exercises for each body part go to the “Calculators/Resources” tab at the top of this article. There are descriptions and videos available for hundreds of exercises broken down by muscle and they are ranked/rated for effectiveness (10 being the highest). Try to keep your exercises in 9.0 and above.

Take out the “fluff” and the “garbage” and stop wasting valuable time.

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