Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is it OK to Share my Articles?


I get a question occasionally asking if it's ok to share a post on alphaedgefitness.com.

Of Course it is! It's encouraged. Share them with anyone you think would be interested.

There are icons at the bottom of each post to make it easier.The icons are for Facebook, Twitter, Google + and  Pinterest. The "+" icon opens up about 15 more ways to share including Blogger and almost all email services.

Use them please!

And no, any articles published on alphaedgefitness.com are not copyrighted unless noted. Any article from another source will be noted as such. Most of those are not copyrighted either. Trying to enforce copyright laws on the internet would be like trying to herd cats. Especially since 62% or my readers are from outside the US.

So Please Share to anyone anywhere!

You can also get( and share) posts by email if you prefer. Just enter your email in the space in the right column that says "Follow by email".
We do not share your email address or any other information.

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