Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Genetics Don't Matter


Well, they do matter. But not to the point where you can use it as an excuse for everything!

Genetics can matter when it comes to your susceptibility to certain conditions and diseases. Genetics can matter when it comes to height, type of build, hair loss and so forth.  But when it comes to controlling your general health and weight-not so much.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios. One scientific and one theoretical (but still valid)

The science

A recent study involved 13 sets of identical twins (sharing the same gnomes) that had notable (though not necessarily large) weight differences. Over an eight week period, both activity and nutrition were closely monitored.  

Activity was not strenuous activity. In some cases the activity difference between twins was a small as 6 or 7 minutes a day. But over time, that resulted in extra weight for the less active twin.

The Theoretical
(Thanks to Aadam at Physiqonomics)

We’re going to produce a new reality show. (Please curb your excitement. I know you can hardly wait.)

We’re going to take a number of overweight individuals from their respective cities and drop them into some third-world jungle to fend for themselves. They will have basic survival equipment but no food.

They will have hunt for their own food. Gather what they find and prepare their own food. Gathering firewood for cooking if necessary. (And boiling water at the very least). And they have to build their own shelter.

Their diet is going to change from calorie dense fast food to fresh fruit, vegetables, high protein wild game and possibly reptiles and insects (also high protein) which they will usually have to chase down.

Do you really think they are going to remain overweight regardless of their genetics?

That makes your "Genetics excuse" sound a little silly, doesn't it?

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