Tuesday, May 3, 2016

9 Reasons You need a Training Partner


There are a number of advantages of having a training partner.

1.     A good training partner will help keep you motivated
2.     A good partner will help keep you accountable. You’re not going to skip workouts and make excuses if you know you’ll be letting your training partner down
3.     A good partner will push you harder than you’ll push yourself. They’ll offer encouragement when you need it.
4.     They act as built in friendly competition for every workout
5.     You always have a spotter handy. A spotter you can trust. You’ll know your partner is going to help keep you safe and force you to do the work-not do it for you. With a good spotter always handy you can load up a little heavier than you could alone.
6.     A good training partner will help you keep your form on point. They can point out little slips in form that you won’t notice yourself
7.     Having a good training partner open up several very effective training modalities you simply can’t do alone; heavy negative only lifts, lifts past failure, etc.
8.     You’re much less likely to get bored. Having a good training partner just makes it more fun!
9.     You will both learn more. Share experiences and programs and new information.

What to Look for in a Good Training Partner

1.     A good training partner has to have most, if not all, of the traits mentioned above; motivated, accountable, competitive, knowledgeable, entertaining and fun to work with.
2.     You should also look for a training partner who is slightly better than you. Someone you can learn from.

You want “a” good partner, not a posse!

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