Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Everything Should be Made as Simple as Possible, but not simpler"

This should include fitness. But, as more and more science comes in, fitness seems to get more and more complicated. Scientists don’t always agree, coaches and trainers often disagree. Protocols that seem to have worked for decades are being called into question. What works for me may or may not work for you.

Earlier this week I published an article entitled “All You Ever Need to Know about Fitness Training” Read it Here In that article was a quote by Coach Charles Staley:

 "When a biological system experiences a challenge, it modifies itself in order to be able to more easily meet similar challenges in the future." Charles Staley

The adjective most used when talking about Coach Staley is “iconic”. You can see his bio HERE

In 2002 Coach Staley published a protocol called “Escalating Density Training” (EDT). EDT simply takes the axiom quoted above and boils it down to the simplest structure and lowest common denominator. You determine the amount of work that can be performed in a given time period and simply add a little more work each time.
No percentages, No predetermined number of sets, no predetermined number of reps per set, no preset rest intervals.

Go in. Do the work. Go home.

On your next workout you have one goal; do more work than you did last time. Eat, Rest, and Repeat. That’s it!

Follow that simple goal and you’ll get stronger, build muscle, improve your metabolism, lose fat and improve stamina. Don’t follow that one goal and you won’t.  

Any questions?

Next week we’ll outline the complete EDT protocol and the sample program I’ve been using.

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