Wednesday, February 24, 2016

For the Guys on a Diet....


Guys, stop dieting like your mother.
Are you a middle-class housewife with 2.3 kids in your 30s or 40s who thinks working out means going for a walk around the block with your gal pals? No? Then why are you dieting like a yogurt commercial mommy?

"Hey, I lost 10 pounds!" Yeah, you lost 5 pounds of fat, 3 pounds of muscle, and 2 pounds of water. Congrats, you're smaller, weaker, you're producing less testosterone, and your metabolism sucks a little more now. You've just gender-reassigned yourself without having to inject estrogen or chop off any of your tender bits. Good job on the weight loss. Now go watch The View.

This is an excert from an article by Chris Shugert entitled "Tip: Guys, Stop Using Mommy Diets" Read the entire article HERE

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