Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Myth of Spot Reduction


Spot reduction is the act of reducing the fat in a particular area of the body (usually the mid-section) by working or otherwise stimulating only that area.

I would have thought that the myth of spot reduction would have died decades ago. But no, the myth still hangs on. Spot reduction is a fairy tale. It does not work. It never has and it never will. It does exist scientifically speaking but the benefits are so infinitesimal as to be non- existent.

I still see people in the gym doing dozens and even hundreds of crunches and sit-ups, not so much in an effort to strengthen their abs but to lose fat. I still see advertisements for devices to “melt fat away” by wrapping the midsection in various belts and wraps. Ads for devices to “stimulate fat loss using electrical shock”.  Cheaply made home devices to “turn fat into pure muscle”.  (By the way, you cannot turn fat into muscle and muscle does not turn to fat if you stop working out)And otherwise intelligent people still buy this junk!

They are all the equivalent of “snake-oil”. You might want to also get a foil hat to protect you from alien mind control. The same companies that sell the devices above probably have the foil hat too.

Strengthening your abs and the rest of your core with exercise is a noble goal. Working you abs to reduce the fat around your midsection is foolish. (“Love handles” and thighs are another popular area the snake oil salesmen like to exploit)
You may develop “abs of steel”. But until you lose the fat covering them no one will ever see them.

Visible abs (the proverbial “6-pack”) are born in the kitchen.  If you want those strong abs to show you have to get leaner all over. There simply is no other way. Fix your nutrition first, increase your metabolism with resistance training to increase you muscle mass and burn fat calories.

If you insist on spending your hard earned money on snake oil and wasting your valuable time I can get you a really good deal on a foil hat. Your choice of color and size. Only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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